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Cheap Attorney Fees is dedicated to help the public with experienced lawyers providing cheap lawyer, cheap attorney and affordable lawyer fees who care enough to provide their clients with low cost legal fees and attorney cost. It is important to note that the attorneys on our site are not providing their legal services for free but do reduce their fees to help more people obtain legal representation that normally may not be able to afford other law firms. It is not uncommon to see other attorneys charge $300 or $350 per hour while our attorney’s fees can be up to 50% less than other law firms depending on the area of law, attorney and difficulty of a case. It is very important to remember that some costs such as filing fees with the court are standard and only a FREE CONSULTATION with one of our affordable and cheap attorneys can help clarify your legal questions.

Combining experience and cheap lawyer fees is a winning combination for those in need of legal help.
We hope to help more people get the legal representation they would otherwise not be able to obtain by providing more affordable lawyer fees.


Find a cheap US attorney, lawyer and law firm who can help you and if you are an attorney with cheap attorney fees, feel free to contact us so you can help clients in your city.

Cheap Divorce Lawyers and Cheap Divorce Attorney Fees

Finding cheap divorce lawyers or affordable lawyer to handle your divorce case with low cost divorce fees can save you thousands or tens of thousands of dollars. If you are involved in a contested fight over child custody, timeshare, child support, alimony, spousal support and the equitable distribution of assets and property finding a cheap or low cost divorce lawyer with years of experience is very important. The last thing anybody would want to do in the course of a divorce is to run out of funds and have his or her attorney withdraw from the case if applicable.

We can only hope that you are one of the fortunate partners seeking an uncontested divorce or dissolution of marriage. An uncontested divorce is not only considered to be a more cheap divorce but it can also be considered a more simple divorce or fast divorce. One thing is for sure is that an uncontested divorce is a cheap divorce in a much healthier resolution for all concerned providing your legal rights have been taking care of lawfully.

Cheap Family Attorney Fees and Cheap Family Lawyer Fees

Finding cheap family lawyer fees can be tricky because clients don’t know who they can trust and want an experienced family lawyer with cheap attorney fees. When looking for a family law attorney finding a low cost lawyer with experience can be difficult but we are here to help you with your family law needs.
You may need a family law attorney because you’ve already been through a divorce and you are seeking to modify child support, timeshare, child custody, alimony or take care of a driver license suspension.
You may need a family lawyer because you were never married but need to establish paternity, timeshare, child custody, visitation or parental rights. There may be a number of reasons why you have called for a family law attorney but the one thing most people have in common is that they are looking for a cheap family attorney to help them with their legal needs.

Cheap Criminal Lawyer and Cheap Criminal Attorney Fees

Find cheap criminal lawyers or affordable criminal lawyer with experience is always the preferred way to go and we can provide you with a cheap and affordable criminal defense attorney. When you are facing criminal charges many things come to mind for most people such as the loss of freedom, friends, family, loved ones, education, employment or future employment plans. In a very short period of time one of the biggest questions in your mind will be how can I afford to hire an experienced criminal attorney to help me? The hiring of a cheap criminal defense attorney or law firm will afford you the privilege of having a lawyer able to spend the amount of time it could take to best represent your case.

Keeping your criminal record clean of convictions should always be in the foremost thoughts in your mind. Regardless if you have received a traffic citation, misdemeanor charge or felony charge fighting to reduce or dismiss your charges is what good criminal lawyers do.
Being arrested for drugs, burglary, assault, possession of a concealed weapon or firearm, attempted murder, theft, larceny, grand theft, drug trafficking, sexual assault, violation of probation, VOP, murder or possession of a controlled substance we are here to help. Contact one of our cheap USA criminal lawyers for a consultation.

Cheap DUI / DWI Lawyer and Cheap DUI / DWI Attorney Fees

Finding a cheap DUI or DWI lawyer or affordable DUI lawyer is very important when looking for an experienced DUI or DWI lawyer. If you have been arrested on a drinking and driving related case you should know that you can be convicted of a DUI or DWI without having a blood alcohol content or BAC equal to what the state deems as driving drunk. Finding an experienced and cheap DUI and DWI lawyer cannot only save you money but can be the difference of being convicted of the charges or having a chance to have your charges reduced or dismissed. In the end is always your choice to fight for the opportunity to keep your record clean from conviction or a second or third conviction.

Being charged with a DUI and DWI is a criminal act and even if it’s your first time offense your present and future employment can most definitely be at risk. If you are in a regulated profession where a code of ethics and moral standings may come into play such a charge can be devastating to your career. A DUI or DWI charge can affect careers like a doctor, nurse, attorney, pilot, government officials, police officer, truck driver and many more professions especially professionals who are in high administrative positions.

The severity of penalties both financial and potential jail time can come into play depending on the re-occurrence of a second or third DUI or DWI charge. The severity of penalties will also increase depending on bodily injury and/or death as a result of a DUI or DWI conviction. Hiring a cheap DUI lawyer could be a major game changing decision in the difference between reducing and dismissing your DUI charges whenever applicable.

Cheap Bankruptcy Lawyer and Cheap Bankruptcy Attorney Fees

We have cheap bankruptcy lawyers with affordable and cheap bankruptcy fees. The United States federal bankruptcy courts have allowed Americans to file bankruptcy both individually and for business purposes. We are fortunate that the courts allow us to make payment arrangements to pay back our debts and in some cases forgive our debts when unsecured with the exception of those listed in federal bankruptcy guidelines. Finding a cheap bankruptcy lawyer or attorney to handle your bankruptcy is crucial when you are in financial dire straits.

Our cheap bankruptcy lawyers or affordable bankruptcy attorneys will file a personal Chapter 7 bankruptcy that will allow you to discharge a great deal of your unsecured debts and can be filed individually or jointly with a spouse providing you meet the guidelines established by the federal bankruptcy courts. A chapter 7 bankruptcy can be cheap with low filing cost when you find the right bankruptcy lawyer. If you qualify for a chapter 7 bankruptcy you will be able to start a new financial life that can benefit you and your family a great deal.

Filing with one of our cheap Chapter 13 bankruptcy lawyers will allow you to keep more personal property if you do not meet the chapter 7 bankruptcy guidelines. When dealing with multiple properties, cars, motorcycles, boats and other personal possessions of value chapter 13 gives you more flexibility to keep the assets you want based on the guidelines provided by the federal bankruptcy courts. Chapter 13 bankruptcy may be filed as an individual or jointly as a married couple.

A Chapter 11 bankruptcy deals strictly with business financial reorganization. Not all attorneys who handle personal chapter 7 and 13 bankruptcies handle chapter 11 business bankruptcy. Business bankruptcy is normally a more complex and falls more in line with business law as opposed to personal bankruptcy.

Cheap Immigration Lawyer and Cheap Immigration Attorney Fees

Finding a cheap immigration lawyer can help you accomplish getting your visa or green card process with years of professional and ethical experience.
Many people trying to hire an immigration lawyer cannot afford many immigration attorney fees but we try to reduce our fees to help the public.
Our cheap immigration lawyer is called cheap because we offer some of the cheapest immigration lawyer fees around.

Our experience can be the difference between your immigration case succeeding or failing with a client potentially not having another opportunity to reapply for his or her immigration process again. It is not only important to the individual filing for immigration privileges to be able to hire an experienced and affordable immigration lawyer but it can be even more important for the filing person’s family as well.

Cheap Business Lawyer and Cheap Business Attorney Fees

Find a cheap business lawyer with cheap and affordable business cost and fees with us. There are many reasons why businesses should utilize a business law attorney when structuring or growing a business entity. Finding a cheap business lawyer in the United States of America with years of experience can help your company function under the protection of the law with well thought out legal advice and contracts to do so. There are so many needs and contracts that can be drawn up or disputed when the time comes, so having a cheap business lawyer you can call on can save you a lot of headaches in the future.

Having a business law attorney compose a non-compete or non-disclosure contract can protect your intellectual property or immediate market area from being taken advantage of by an employee who has learned proprietary information from your company.
There are also contracts that can protect you with your vendors and allow you to seek financial and legal remedies based on performance, billing and a multitude of other reasons beneficial to your business.

Finding a cheap business attorney or affordable business lawyer can be the difference between someone filing a lawsuit against your company or not depending on the contracts you have in place. Keeping your company or business from being involved in a lawsuit is important but on the other side of the coin these business contracts can give you the legal teeth you need to prevail in pursuing a lawsuit against another individual or company. Keeping an upper hand on your competitors with smart business law advice and actions can help you sustain and keep your company running for years to come with less legal problems.

Cheap Civil Litigation Attorney and Cheap Lawsuit Attorney Fees

There are many reasons that you may require the need of a cheap civil litigation attorney in the United States of America. A few reasons you may need a civil litigation attorney can stem from an auto accident, credit card, bank loan, insurance claim, healthcare, homeowners, HOA, personal injury and a multitude of other reasons. It is unfortunate when you receive a civil lawsuit notice but when it does happen you would like to have an experienced and cheap civil lawyer to handle your affairs.
If you are the recipient of a civil action you will have only so many days to respond prior to going into a default action if applicable.

Another reason people are interested in hiring a cheap civil litigation attorney is to pursue a financial remedy through the courts via a lawsuit. Unfortunately, many civil lawsuits go on filed because of the costs associated with filing a lawsuit. It is not uncommon for people to lose money from large companies in which they are entitled to and can sometimes be recuperated through a civil lawsuit. It said to note that sometimes larger companies take risk to short pay claims knowing that a small majority of people will actually fight them in court for what is rightfully theirs. Feel free to contact one of our cheap civil litigation attorneys in the USA for a consultation and to find a way your legal rights are.

Cheap Estate Planning Attorney and Cheap Asset Protection Lawyer

Wanting to find a cheap estate planning attorney or asset protection lawyer is becoming more and more important for people due to the financial stress to today’s economy. Understanding the complexity of protecting your assets through an aggressive estate planning lawyer can ensure that your loved ones in business are safe should you become incapacitated or able to conduct your affairs as you wish based on your health both physically and mentally. The distribution and survivor-ship of your business and personal estate can be firmly and legally administered through comprehensive estate planning and asset protection attorney. Call us so one of our affordable estate planning lawyers can help you today.

Estate planning can include wills, power of attorney, living will, trust, trustees and more. You do not have to have hundreds of thousands of dollars in assets to benefit from hiring a cheap estate planning attorney. The last thing that many people want is for their estate to go into probate. Feel free to contact one of our cheap estate planning and asset protection attorneys in the USA for a consultation.

Cheap Social Security, SSI and Disability Lawyer and Attorney Fees

Social Security candidates who have no means of earning money should contact one of our cheap Social Security, SSI and disability lawyers that understand their issues and are willing to help. If you qualify for Social Security disability or SSI benefits one of our cheap SSI attorneys will consider taking your Social Security disability case on contingency where you only pay us after you receive your benefits or you pay nothing. When you pay nothing because you do not get any benefits it is as if you had a free Social Security disability lawyer working for you. Contact one of our disability lawyers for a consultation.

Cheap Injury Lawyer and Wrongful Death Attorney Fees

It is uncommon for people who are injured or suffer a wrongful death in a car accident, motorcycle accident, slip and fall, nursing home, assisted living facility, dog bite or any other negligent based injury case to look for a cheap injury lawyer in the United States.
Many attorneys will take your personal injury case on contingency where they assume all the financial risk and only received payment when they win the case. The public takes for granted that the legal fees will be between 33.3 and 40% plus costs depending on the circumstances of the case and how far an attorney has to go to recover his or her fees while inhering to the client’s wishes. Throughout the United States most attorneys legal fees start at 33.3% and depending on if a lawsuit is filed in further legal proceedings the fees can increase to 40% plus costs.

Our cheap injury and wrongful death attorney fees start out at 25 – 28% plus costs should one of our attorneys take your case on contingency. Legal fees can increase based on the difficulty and future filings as the case may escalate but still at a reduced in less than the standard 40% plus costs. It is not difficult to see that a 5 – 8% attorney fee savings can be substantial to the injured party or family of the injured party when hundreds of thousands or millions dollar settlements come into play when applicable.

When you are in need of legal representation, it’s nice to know that you are not compromising experience while trying to find a cheap US injury and wrongful death lawyer.
It is important to contact an attorney for a consultation to discuss your legal rights and the best way to obtain your legal objective.